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My first woodworking job was in 1986 at Wood Interiors by Rodger Reid in New Preston Connecticut. I worked summers while attending college. Roger specialized in solid wood interior paneling and cabinetry and from him and Ed Downs I learned most of the trade. From 1996 to 2000, I served as an editor at the Taunton Press, first at Fine Woodworking magazine, then in the books department.

I went out on my own in January, 2000. My first shop was our two-car garage. It was roomy but had only 7 ft. ceilings. Naturally, two of my earliest commissions were very tall bookcases, well over 8 ft. I had to build them horizontally and assemble them outside in good weather. This spurred me to build a shop with 11 ft. ceilings in 2002. Naturally since then, customers have wanted mostly tables, beds, buffets, the occasional kitchen and music stand, but nothing taller than 7 ft. This is one of those universal laws to which I humbly submit.

Furniture Commissions

All my furniture work is by commission.

I don't keep any finished pieces on hand.

A commission begins with a conversation about what you'd like

me to design and make. From this, I can give you a ballpark


The next step is a deposit to start the design work. I'll produce

renderings and possibly material samples for an agreed number

of options, and firm cost proposals for making each. The design

process takes anywhere from 1 week to however long you'd like

to discuss options. 

Once you've chosen a particular design, I can get going on making it.

I try to hand deliver all my work, but can also pack and ship anywhere in the world. Each piece comes with a guarantee against any faults in workmanship.

If you'd like more details about the commissions process, just give me a ring. I'm an actual human being and I return calls.

Strother Purdy

Phone:  (203) 770 5240
Email: info@strotherpurdy.com